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Or you can try out our subscription service. With our “T-shirt of the Month Club” you are sure to have the coolest vape-wear of everyone you know. You will also get a discount for signing up for “The Vape Bar’s T-shirt of the Month Club.” This is a subscription where you will receive our most recent vape related t-shirt each and every month. You can subscribe annually (to save the most money) or choose to pay month-to-month. There is never a contract and you can cancel whenever you want.

Pick up your order each month from The Vape Bar in Oklahoma City to save the most money ($12.99 a month, per shirt) or you can have it delivered to your home each month for $17.99. Price for a single, one-time t-shirt is $21.99. We know you will love our t-shirts, so order yours or subscribe today!

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