What is vaping?

Vaping is the process of using an electronic cigarette and a flavored juice (e-liquid) to make vapor and inhale in a smoking fashion to either quit, curb your appetite for cigarettes or replace smoking all together.

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What is an electronic cigarette/e-cig?

An e-cigarette has a battery (power source), tank (holder for the juice), atomizer (utilizes the power to turn the juice to vapor) and tip (where you inhale the vapor from). There are many different types to choose from and we would be happy to show them to you.

Do I have to have nicotine in my juice (e-liquid)? No you do not! Vapers can choose their level.  You can get 0 mg, 2mg, 4mg, etc.  The highest amount we sell is.

Do I have to get a tobacco flavored juice?

The short answer is that no you do not.  However, there is talk in a lot of states that flavors may be banned and all that will be left is the tobacco flavors.  We have our doubts as to how this will actually work out - since how can you ban eliquid flavors but not flavored alcoholic beverages?

How does this curb your appetite?

There are so many flavors available that you can choose a flavor that you might crave or really enjoy eating. Instead of actually picking up that food, vape that flavor, drink some water, vape again, drink more water and help fool your taste buds that you actually just ate. It has been proven scientifically that your brain will recognize the flavoring and moisture as a meal.

How does this become a hobby?

 There are many people out there who don’t have any nicotine in their flavors. They utilize Mechanical Mods (a push button trigger, high powered battery) or Box Mod (electronically monitored high powered), large tanks or RBA’s (rebuildable coils that require dripping the juice on the coils/atomizer), multiple tips (metal, plastic or different shapes and sizes). They hold vaping cloud contests, coil building contests or just gather in their favorite shop to watch movies, T.V. or play video games.

What is the difference between a Vapor store's product and one at the local gas station?

 We never want to speak poorly of small business owners. Let’s face it though, if I want gas. Do I go to a Vapor store? If I need my car repaired. Do I go to my local dry cleaners? You get the idea. It’s a specialty. We have customers come in all the time having issues with their e-cig pens
and mods
that they purchased elsewhere. We can support our products, gas stations cannot.

How about that local Tobacco Shop?

 Once again, not to speak poorly of our neighbors. You are trying to quit smoking. Why would you want to tempt yourself with all those Tobacco products? You need to break the triggers that caused you to smoke in the first place: after eating, sitting in the car, watching t.v., making whoopee. We know you aren’t giving up these things, but don’t add to the list by going to the one place that feeds your addiction. The best way to figure out where to purchase your E-gear is to ask questions of the person selling you the product. Once again, purchase your E-gear from a reputable Vapor shop. It just makes sense!!!

Why do disposable vapes taste better than refillable tank setups?

This is subjective but click here to find out why disposable vapes sometimes taste better.

Will this save me money?

 Your first starter kit will probably cost around the same as a carton of cigarettes (of course this depends on where you live and the type of kit you get). After that, you will occasionally purchase replacement coils/atomizers and flavored juices. Depending on your local shop's prices, you should begin to see savings on your habit.

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Can I bring my kids into the vape shop?

We know many customers that don't have a place for their kids when they just have a quick purchase to make at our shop. This is understandable and we do make arrangements for situations like this. Click here to read can someone under 18 go into a vape shop.

We hope to see you at The Vape Bar!