5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Stop Using Disposable E-Cigarettes

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It’s not JUST that Disposables are on the FDA’s Watch List

A disposable e-cigarette is one of the best introductions to vaping that you could possibly ask for. A disposable vape is cheap, and it comes out of the package charged, filled and ready to use. Using a disposable electronic cigarette is an easy way to find out what vaping tastes and feels like – and if you enjoy your experience, you might be tempted to just continue right on using disposable e-cigarettes instead of upgrading to a refillable and rechargeable vaping device. Many disposable users think that they taste better.

Disposable e-cigarettes have also experienced a major resurgence in popularity in the United States since the 2020 federal ban on pre-filled e-cigarette pods and cartridges in flavors other than tobacco and menthol. Perhaps due to an oversight on the government’s part, disposable e-cigarettes are exempt from the ban … so far. It is possible that the FDA will come in and further clarify that the disposables should indeed be banned – hence, another reason to stop using disposable e-cigarettes.

Many users of the JUUL e-cigarette and other similar devices have migrated to disposable e-cigarettes as a result of the ban. Disposables may cost a bit more, but at least they’re still available in the flavors that you love.

Using disposable e-cigarettes full time, though, is the wrong decision for almost all vapers.

We’re here to tell you that disposable e-cigarettes are a trap that will cause you to spend way too much on vaping – and that’s not the only thing wrong with them. In fact, disposable e-cigarettes are a less than ideal way to vape for quite a few reasons, and we’re going to share just a few of those reasons here.

You’re about to learn why it’s time to ditch disposable e-cigarettes and get a real vaping device so that you can stop using disposable e-cigarettes.

Not Affordable for Long-Term Everyday Vaping

On the surface, a disposable e-cigarette might seem like a pretty good deal. It’s a convenient vaping solution that doesn’t require any tinkering or maintenance, and it generally costs less than a pack of cigarettes. As soon as you begin comparing disposable e-cigarettes to other vaping devices, though, it’s obvious that they aren’t as affordable as they appear on the surface. A rechargeable vaping device might cost a little more up front, but once you’ve made that investment, you’ll only need to buy new pods or coils occasionally. The device, however, will likely last a year or two before you’ll need to replace it. When you look at the prices for bottled e-liquid, the savings become even more profound. A typical bottle of e-liquid costs about the same as two disposable e-cigarettes and contains vastly more juice.

Unknown E-Liquid Quality

If you read the news, you’ve likely heard about the terrible lung illness that has afflicted thousands of people who used illegal THC vaping products. No commercial nicotine e-liquid product has ever been linked to the lung illness, but that doesn’t mean something similar could never happen in the e-liquid world. When you buy a disposable e-cigarette, you’re often buying something filled with unknown e-liquid made by an unknown manufacturer in China. Are you comfortable putting your health in the hands of an e-liquid maker that you can’t even contact?

Extremely High Nicotine Strength

Disposable e-cigarettes have been around for almost as long as the vaping industry has existed. In the beginning, though, the nicotine strengths for most disposable e-cigarettes were much lower than they are today. These days, the makers of disposable e-cigarettes are all trying to emulate the extremely high nicotine strengths of devices like the JUUL. A disposable vape might have a nicotine strength as high as 50-60 mg/ml. That’s great if you’re a smoker because it means you’ll get around the same amount of nicotine that you would get from smoking a cigarette. What do you do, though, once your transition from smoking to vaping is complete? Disposable e-cigarettes don’t give you a way to control your nicotine intake. With a refillable vaping device, on the other hand, you can dial down the nicotine strength of your e-liquid as slowly as you like. You can even stop using nicotine altogether if that’s your goal.

Limited Flavor Selection

Thanks to the federal ban on flavors other than tobacco and menthol in pre-filled vaping cartridges and pods, disposable e-cigarettes do offer more flavors than reusable pre-filled devices. Despite that benefit, though, there is no way that any prefilled vaping product of any type could ever compete with the incredible variety that you can enjoy with bottled e-liquids. There are literally hundreds of different e-liquid flavors available in the world today – more than any single vape shop could possibly carry and more than any one person could possibly try.

There’s no denying that disposable e-cigarettes have improved greatly in flavor over the years. The disposable vapes available several years ago tasted primarily like chemicals and fake tobacco aromas. Today, you can find disposable e-cigarettes in much more palatable flavors like mango and custard.

Though today’s disposable vapes are much improved compared to the devices of the past, bottled e-liquid has improved much more rapidly. You can find e-liquids that taste like jelly-filled doughnuts, sweet cereal with milk, fruity slushies – just about anything you can imagine. The e-liquid industry’s most complex and inventive flavor profiles won’t ever appear in disposable products.

A Refillable Pod System Delivers the Experience Former JUUL Users Want Giving You an Excuse to Stop Using Disposable E-Cigarettes

If you’ve switched to disposable vaping products because you’re unhappy about the ban on flavored pods, you should know that you can get the experience you want at a much lower price if you use a refillable pod system instead. Are you missing your mango JUUL pods? Grab a bottle of mango nicotine salt e-liquid and a refillable pod system. You’ll get the same satisfaction – and the same throat hit – that you used to enjoy with your JUUL. You’ll also spend far less because a package of JUUL pods costs about the same as a bottle of e-liquid. A refillable pod system might be a little more work than a pre-filled vaping device – refilling and occasionally replacing your pods will become new parts of your vaping ritual – but you’ll find that refillable pod systems are extremely friendly to those who don’t want vaping to become tedious.

So what are you waiting for? Stop using disposable e-cigarettes to be in compliance with the FDA’s ban and start trying refillable pod systems.

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