Oklahoma City Vape Shop Open for Quick Purchases During COVID-19 Restrictions

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yes, we are open during covid-19

Are you looking for an Oklahoma City vape shop that’s open after the city and state’s restrictions were put in place for public venues, bars, restaurants, and vape lounges? Search no further – the Vape Bar (on 23rd and Portland) is open for quick purchases while encouraging social distancing.

Our first mission is your safety and health.

To help ensure the safety of our customers & employees, we have taken steps to facilitate “social distancing” in our store & ask that our customers stay behind the blue lines & avoid touching the bar or display cases. We are also sanitizing surfaces between customers to help keep everyone well.

We will continue to operate during our normal business hours so long as we are able and will update our hours on Google, FB and our website if anything changes. Call us if you want to verify that we are still open at (405) 498-2668.

The Vape Bar’s lounge is temporarily unavailable. Just pick your product, buy and we’ll have you on your way to be in compliance with the Oklahoma City mayor’s announcement of mandatory closures due to the coronavirus.  That means no pool or foosball tournaments in the lounge.  However, there’s no reason you have to live without your vape juice and gear just because we can’t host social gatherings. 

And no worries, if you feel more comfortable you can just stay in your car until the person in front of you has left.  We also disinfect after each customer and all of these things will help us keep our OKC vape shop open.

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